Jan 25, 2024

How to launch a platform that collects millions of investments? Case “Danwell”

See the exciting journey of a company that is growing every year. Meet Danwell, a global crypto investment platform

Danwell offers asset management, cutting-edge technology investments, and brokerage services. Partners receive passive income from their investments and bonuses for attracting new partners to the project.

Let's take a closer look at the Danwell case.

Project overview

• Platforms: Web

• Team: 10 talents (1 PM, 3 Back-End Devs, 1 Front-End Dev, 3 QA, and 2 Business Analysts)

• Industry: Investment, FinTech

• Cooperation: Ongoing for over 1 year

Danwell in three key stages

Stage #1 “Goals”: The main goal of the Danwell project was to create a convenient and functional platform that will help users manage their investments and see their profits in a convenient form and without much time investment.

Stage #2 “Peculiarity”: The peculiarity of the project development is that the client and his developers carry out the work on the front-end part, and our team is mainly engaged in back-end development.

Stage #3 “Results”: We have developed a great platform with partner cabinets. Our team integrated third-party services for securing payments with cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies referral program includes 9 ranks and 3 types of bonuses.

Key features of the project

• Investments in crypto packages

• Replenishment of wallets

• Marketing plan and client account with statistics

• Referral program


• $ millions of investment: Partners invest huge amounts of money in the project

• 100,000+ transactions: High financial activity on the project from users

• Worldwide scaling: Danwell has users from Great Britain and Marshall Islands

Wrap up

Stay tuned for more insights into our transformative case studies in the coming blog posts. Meanwhile discover more about our project “Danwell”.

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