Feb 11, 2024

Navigating the tech labyrinth? We are here to be your compass

Find out the primary outsourcing needs of our clients and the ways we meets those demands

As we soar with over 100+ dedicated talents in our team and a proud tally of 400+ successful projects under our belt, many wonder about the secret sauce behind our remarkable journey. The answer? Outsourcing brilliance. We unravel the primary needs of our current and future customers in outsourcing. We also focus intently on addressing these needs.


- Your need: Get a quality product with which you can attract new investment rounds, grow, and generate profits.
- Our solution: We offer two options from our side. Option #1: Our team prepares technical documentation and creates a draft business plan together with you. Then, you can enter the round of negotiations and receive investments. Option #2: We make your MVP project to raise funds.


- Your need: Get your finished product before you run out of funding.
- Our solution: For our part, we give you a preliminary assessment and clarify the requirements for the MVP. Next, our team announces the approximate cost. At this stage, it’s essential that the client sets its budget correctly.


- Your need: Get a team with relevant expertise. Have confidence that specialists will not train and gain experience but will come and make a result.
- Our solution: We have worked with almost all typical products promoted through referral programs. Our teams have experience with not-so-typical products. We can launch efficiently, well, with an understanding of the matter, and speak the same language with the client.


- Your need: Don't delay development for years. Get an MVP within 1-2 months after the start of cooperation and continue to build it up.
- Our solution: We’ve developed Flawless Core, the customizable platform that our teams use to create client projects. We've invested $1M+ in this solution over the last two years. That's massive and helps launch MVP for up to 2 months. Within this platform, we can make many adjustments and modify it globally.


- Your need: Be sure that the product will be fast, safe, reliable, resistant to high loads, and well documented.
- Our solution: We have a separate business analysts department that helps with documentation. Our company ensures that the project is resilient to high loads thanks to the latest version of our Flawless Core platform. We combine speed and security well in our projects.


- Your need: Get all development services in one place, from designer to developer, etc.
- Our solution: We can cover all your needs and advise on marketing plans in referral programs. Our company offers a wide range of talent for your projects.

Wrap up

Navigating the tech labyrinth requires a reliable partner, and our comprehensive solutions demonstrate our capability to be just that. From crafting quality products to ensuring swift and secure development, we stand ready to address every outsourcing need. Our experience across a broad spectrum of projects, combined with our dedicated team and innovative platforms, ensures your path to success is both clear and attainable.

Let us be your compass in the tech world. Reach out today to start transforming your ideas into reality and take the first step towards a fruitful collaboration.

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