Mobile development

Transforming ideas into impactful mobile apps that resonate with a modern, tech-savvy audience

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Work on any device

Cross-platform development allows you to create applications that work equally well on different device formats

Full value app

We create for you a full-fledged application based on modern frameworks, and not a primitive shell for the site

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Thoughtful UI/UX

High-quality user path and design of interfaces and content parts of the mobile application

App availability

We develop mob apps considering the rules and requirements for further placement in the Apple Store and Google Play

Offline work

Enable customers to use key app features offline, ensuring accessibility without internet access

Push notifications

Utilize customizable push notifications for direct, effective communication with your customers

Key Industries

Entrepreneurs rely on us in the following domains

Accounts of investors

Accounting for all investments made and dividends received

Digital payments

Regular dividend payments once a day/week/month/quarter

Investment management

Extended statistics on all investments for investors and leaders

Digital contracts

Online signing and conclusion of investment agreements

Online banking

Displaying a list of transactions, reporting, and wallets – all in mobile and web apps

Blockchain solutions

Development of smart contracts and blockchain apps, integration of WEB 3.0 wallets for payment on a website

Integration with payment systems and banks

Calculation of the cost of products based on the current exchange rate and payment processing

DDOS protection and security audits

Monitoring suspicious user activity using Grafana, Sentry, Graylog, Cloudflare, etc. services

Personal accounts of students

Step-by-step learning systems are divided into modules with nested lessons

Education management

Doing and checking homework. A comprehensive accounting of all purchases

AI-based solutions

Analysis of student engagement in studying materials and personalized offers using AI technologies

Copyright compliance

Solutions to protect materials from unauthorized downloading and distribution

AI-based solutions

AI analysis of the user database to suggest products for purchase based on trends monitored by the company

Integration of delivery and payment systems

Implementing comprehensive delivery systems and secure payment gateways

Integration of loyalty systems

Seamless integration for enhanced customer retention and improved sales performance

Warehouse systems and goods accounting

Tailoring cutting-edge tracking solutions to boost e-commerce efficiency

Investments in land and buildings

Investing in shares of the company's business projects with fixed and floating returns

Signing contracts

Automatic verification in Sumsub, uploading of contract templates signing of contracts in DocuSign

Voting on company decisions

Designed to engage platform participants actively in decision-making, like new construction projects

Motivation system

Active involvement of partners in decision-making, for example, regarding new construction projects

How we work

Get MVP 3 times faster

#1. Project analysis

Understand client's specific needs and project requirements

#2. Solution proposal

Offer a solution, outlining resources, strategies, and expected outcomes

#3. Team formation

Assemble the right team of professionals to handle the project

#4. Project delivery

Execute the plan, ensuring top-quality quality and strict adherence to deadlines

Case studies

Deep dive into
our seamless projects

EdTech hub for the crypto market

Chainclass provides education to help users become investors. The hub has grown from scratch to 140,000+ partners from 70+ countries in 4 years

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Crypto platform with a trading bot

AICEX merges AI with trading efficiency, enabling secure transactions and a system rewarding user engagement and expansion

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The giant among MLM companies

Global Trend sells dietary supplements. The company has grown 40 times in 5 years from 42,000 to 1,730,000 partners

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Don’t take our word for it. See what our clients say

They offered creative and innovative solutions that made my product even better. Their outstanding skills produced excellent results

Ilia Paliy
Customer, AICEX

Each team member is a great specialist, a fast problem-solver, and an effective communicator. They answered my questions immediately

Oleksiy Domushev
Founder, Madoption

I'm delighted I chose this team because I'm so satisfied with our work. These guys are fantastic professionals

Mykola Deudin
Owner, Empire Home

The company did everything in the best possible way. They gave me more than I wanted

Oleksandr Shark
Owner, Shark Trader

They've implemented a project that has no analogs. Their team docked our system with smart contracts

Ivan Karpov
Owner, Double Profit

This is a super team, and everyone is at the highest level! Development, support, and speed are very cool

Oleksiy Gumarov
Founder, Easy Shopping

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How to get a quality product to raise new investment funds?

We offer two options from our side:
- Option #1: Our team prepares technical documentation and creates a draft business plan together with you. Then, you can enter the round of negotiations and receive investments
- Option #2: We make your MVP project to raise funds

How to get a team with relevant expertise?

Our team of seasoned talents ensures immediate results. We bring proven experience and skills to deliver tangible outcomes from day one

How can you be sure that the product will be fast, safe, and resistant to high loads?

We have a separate business analysts department that helps with documentation. Our company ensures that the project is resilient to high loads thanks to the latest version of our Flawless Core platform. We combine speed and security well in our projects

How to get your finished product before you run out of funding?

For our part, we give you a preliminary assessment and clarify the requirements for the MVP. Next, our team announces the approximate cost. At this stage, it’s essential that you set a budget correctly

How to get an MVP within 2 months?

We’ve developed Flawless Core, the customizable platform that our teams use to create client projects. We've invested $1M+ in this solution over the last two years. That's massive and helps launch MVP for up to 2 months. Within this platform, we can make many adjustments and modify it globally

Is it possible to get all development services in one place, from designer to developer, etc?

We can cover all your needs and advise on marketing plans in referral programs. Our company offers a wide range of talent for your projects