Dec 11, 2023

How to grow a company 40 times in 5 years? Case "Global Trend"

See the insane path of the company that rapidly grew from 42,000 to 1,730,000 partners. Meet Global Trend, the giant among MLM companies

In the coming weeks, we're unveiling the overview behind our most illustrious case studies. Kicking off this series is our collaboration with Global Trend.

A forward-thinking health company, Global Trend offers unique dietary supplements that promote cellular wellness and a great referral program. Dive into our journey of equipping this titan with a solution that's been scaling remarkably year after year.

Project overview

• Platforms: Web

• Team: 7 talents (1 PM, 2 Back-End Devs, 1 Front-End Dev, 1 QA, 1 Business Analyst, and 1 Designer)

• Industry: E-commerce

• Cooperation: Ongoing for over 6 years

Global Trend in three key stages

Stage #1 “Before our cooperation”: In 2017, a company with 42,000 partners found themselves wrestling with accounting and scaling, astonishingly adding every new partner manually to Excel spreadsheets. Although their product, in high demand, was a testament to their excellence. Global Trend had great leaders, an incredible idea, and mission.

Stage #2 “Outstaffing - setting goals”: We aimed to replace traditional Excel spreadsheets with innovative digital calculations. With foresight, Flawless Group meticulously prepared Global Trend's project for exponential growth. Our team ensured that newly designed software will accelerate the system's capabilities, allowing it to scale seamlessly year after year.

Stage #3 “After our cooperation”: We have created a convenient platform for users, regional leaders and company offices as a whole. Our digital solution has streamlined all processes at Global Trend: from sales to product and financial accounting of the company. In addition, our team migrated the entire original partner database to the new system.

Key features of the project

• Cabinet of regional leaders

• Employees desktop

• Warehouse systems and goods accounting

• Company financial performance report


• 6+ years of growth: A testament to a dynamic project evolution

• 1,7+ million users: Each user made an order at least once

• Twice company of the year: Awarded in Kazakhstan

• Major tax contributor: One of the largest taxpayers in Kazakhstan

Wrap up

Stay tuned for more insights into our transformative case studies in the coming posts. If Global Trend's journey inspires you and you envision a similar project, contact our BizDev Manager Nadiia Mykytchyna. Meanwhile, you can also find out more about this project here.

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