Crypto exchange platform with a trading bot

AICEX merges AI with trading efficiency, enabling secure transactions and a system rewarding user engagement and expansion

7 talents
FinTech, Investment
Ongoing, 1+ year

How to create AI transform crypto trading platform?

Explore our AI-enhanced platform that redefines secure crypto trading and user rewards

the Giant’s way

AICEX in three key stages


The project's goal was to develop a platform aimed at creating and expanding a user structure. This structure is based on specific rules with motivational rewards, including monthly subscriptions for access to the company's products. The company plans to add investment-themed courses and training


Our platform's integration with another team's trading bot product and the execution of mutual development goals for subscription verification and trading bot purchases on our platform stand out. We transferred statuses to the integrated platform, enabling users' full access to the trading bot's functionalities


We have created a platform for selling digital products based on subscription plans, which unlock access to products and bonus opportunities on our platform. This also allows the purchase of digital products, giving users access to a trading bot for buying and selling cryptocurrencies on exchanges


Project’s driving force

Project’s technologies

Stable tech stack

key features

Deep dive into the key features of the project

Marketing plan and client account with statistics

Linear marketing with different types of bonuses and additional promotions from the company. The partner dashboard showcases detailed marketing analytics, career progression, structural dynamics, linear branch specifics, and comprehensive structural reports

Career growth for each partner

Every partner has a clear path to advancement, with immediate access to their current and forthcoming statuses. Visual indicators of progress and group volume within their network are integrated for enhanced clarity

Purchasing a subscription

Subscription payment unlocks the trading bot for users, granting full access to its comprehensive functionality and trading advantages

Buying a trading bot

Partners gain access to a trading bot, enabling them to execute buy and sell orders for cryptocurrencies efficiently on the exchange platform

Referral links

Partners develop their referral networks, gaining additional income on their 'Partner Account' when their referrals buy digital products and bring in new participants

Company financial performance report

A comprehensive report that provides insights into the company's profitability for each marketing period, assessed by various metrics

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