All-in-one EdTech hub for the crypto market

Chainclass has grown from scratch to 140,000+ users from 70+ countries in 4 years

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EdTech, FinTech
On going, 4+ years

How to start a company from scratch to 140,000 partners in 4 years?

Learn about the groundbreaking solution that has consistently driven the project's growth and scalability annually

The company's way

Chainclass in two key stages


The main goal was to create a large international educational project with a referral program ready for multiple annual scaling. Chainclass also aimed to become a leader as an EdTech hub for the crypto market


We have created a scalable platform with a referral program. Here, partners can get education on economics, blockchain, alternative investments, NFTs & many more topics. Chainclass helps users become professional investors


Project’s driving force

Flash in the Crypto-edtech Market

Look at the rapid growth in the number of partners

Project’s technologies

Stable tech stack


A great project brings great results

4+ years growth

The project has been flourishing dynamically

140,000 users

Every user has bought a course at least once

Worldwide scaling

Chainclass has users from 70+ countries

Release of two ICO

The company launched two tokens

key features

Deep dive into the key features of the project

Marketing plan and client account with statistics

Linear marketing with 4 types of bonuses and additional promotions from the company. The partner account contains information about marketing statistics, progress on the career ladder, the dynamics of the structure, individual branches of the linear structure, and reports on the structure.

Promo features for leaders

Company leaders can track the results of promotions, including the ranking of active leaders by their turnover in the structure, taking into account all the marketing components of the project.

Education for finance, investment, and blockchain

Users can complete training, depending on the purchased package, right inside the platform, lesson by lesson. The videos were downloaded via an encrypted link from the Vimeo service, where the url on which the video will be played was set.

Company financial performance report

Reports that allow the company to evaluate the profitability of each marketing period in general and by indicators.

Website for lead generation

Our designer crafted digital masterpieces to magnetize and engage leads

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EdTech hub for the crypto market

Chainclass provides education to help users become investors. The hub has grown from scratch to 140,000+ partners from 70+ countries in 4 years

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