Giant among MLM companies

Global Trend sells dietary supplements. The company has grown 40 times in 5 years

7 talents
Ongoing, 6+ years

How to grow a company 40 times in 5 years?

Find out how we revolutionized the company with a successful solution that scales consistently every year

the Giant’s way

Global Trend in
three key stages

Before our cooperation

In 2017, a company with 42,000 partners found themselves wrestling with accounting and scaling, astonishingly adding every new partner manually to Excel spreadsheets. Although their product, in high demand, was a testament to their excellence. Global Trend had great leaders, an incredible idea, and mission

Outstaffing – setting goals

We aimed to replace traditional Excel spreadsheets with innovative digital calculations. With foresight, Flawless Group meticulously prepared Global Trend's project for exponential growth. Our team ensured that newly designed software will accelerate the system's capabilities, allowing it to scale seamlessly year after year

After our cooperation

We have created a convenient platform for users, regional leaders and company offices as a whole. Our digital solution has streamlined all processes at Global Trend: from sales to product and financial accounting of the company. In addition, our team migrated the entire original partner database to the new system


Project’s driving force

Flash in the MLM Market

Look at the rapid growth in the number of partners


Global Trend’s peculiarity

Clear solutions are the key to successful scaling

Everything you need for work is in convenient widgets on the Global Trend platform

Career growth for each partner

Each partner clearly knows what to do for their growth. Partners always know their current status and next status. We added elements that visualize the user's progress. They also see group volume in their structure

Project safety is paramount

Every action in the system is logged for 30 days. Not a single employee step remains outside the monitoring system. Access to the database is open only to certain IPs and you cannot access from third-party IPs. This ensures maximum data security, as well as protection from bus factor


A great project brings great results

6+ years growth

The project has been flourishing dynamically

1,7+ million users

Each user made an order at least once

Company of the year

Awarded in Kazakhstan for two years in a row

Major tax contributor

One of the largest taxpayers in Kazakhstan

key features

Deep dive into the key features of the project

Marketing plan and client account with statistics

Binary marketing with 6 types of bonuses and additional promotions from the company. The partner account contains information about marketing statistics, career progress, the dynamics of the structure, individual branches of the binary, graphical display of the binary, and the structure of personal invitations, reports on the structure

Cabinet of regional leaders

Regional leaders of the company register new partners and make purchases for users, taking into account all the marketing features of the project

Employees desktop

Our Back-End Devs created a set of features that allows the company to conduct accounting, monitor the work of regional leaders, perform reconciliations, and generate reports on the work of back offices

Warehouse systems and goods accounting

Our Front-End Dev built a simple and convenient system for recording company turnover, controlling balances and processing orders. This system includes a warehouse keeper interface, warehouse keeper and storekeeper roles, and an administrative part

Company financial performance report

A report that allows the company to evaluate the profitability of each marketing period in general and by indicators

Website for lead generation

Our designer crafted digital masterpieces to magnetize and engage leads

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The giant among MLM companies

Global Trend sells dietary supplements. The company has grown 40 times in 5 years from 42,000 to 1,730,000 partners

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